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Book Reviews Social media

A social media for book lovers

Badge image#1 Project of June

This a social media for book lovers made with ruby on rails framework. Users can register, post some reviews about a book they read, and also add a link to the book store or online book reading app to guide people to read it too. Book reviews can be rated( liked or disliked) and also commented on. Reviews are seen only by people following the review author and vice versa. There is also a nice option to make even non registered users to see parts of the reviews, but further actions required authentication. Very easy to authenticate using your username!! Most rated reviews are upfronted to all users to help reviewers get more visibility and followers. The design was inspired by a designer from Dribble who did a twitter redesign. Check the repo here to get details about the project. Thanks for upvoting my project!!

Video demo
Project screenshot 1
Project screenshot 2
Project screenshot 3
Project screenshot 4
Project screenshot 5
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