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City metrics app

#5 Project of the Week

Citrics is an app designed to help users with nomad lifestyles. Citrics allow you to research any specific city and see the current demographics that you research when finding a home (rent prices, population, weather, job industries, etc.). This also predicts the statistics in oncoming years for that city to help users determine if they want to live there. - Developing Frontend with React, Redux, Function Components, and React Testing Library to build an app for users researching cities, viewing all housing statistics usually listed on separate sites - Collaborating with a cross-functional team of web developers and data scientists to produce a product vision in the span of 8-weeks - Organize meetings to understand and plan the user flow, wireframe, styling, and architecture for stakeholder's product - Plan user stories and product features using Trello to organize the structure of the app before coding - Architect user flow, wireframe, styling, and engineering architecture drafts using Whimsical to plan out the app and catch feature gaps - Coordinating with external stakeholder on features to focus on the first release to create a product to his vision - Design style, color scheme, and fonts to implement to create a fun and exciting app for users - Speaking with an in source informant about color blindness to keep our app accessible - Clarifying languages and frameworks will be used as a team to result in a uniform product - Assign tasks to team members using Trello to organize and complete tasks with higher priorities - Create a template for Pull Requests in Github to keep the team in continuous communication and synchronous code

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