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Final project for my Techdegree, a MERN-stack blogging app

This blogging app features a front-end react site for visitors, and a back-end express app for administrative purposes. The user-end is mobile-first and displays blog posts in a unique, staggered layout ordered by date. The admin-side is used to perform CRUD operations for managing posts, and uses the Pexels and Unsplash APIs for searching and choosing cover photos for posts. The admin-side is also password-secure, the passwords being serialized, and a session saved on logging in. All data is stored using MongoDB, and styling is aided with Bootstrap. To check things out in fuller detail, I have links to the repository and live app below: Repository: Live App:

Project screenshot 1
Project screenshot 2
Project screenshot 3
Project screenshot 4
Project screenshot 5
Project screenshot 6
Project screenshot 7
Project screenshot 8
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