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Not your usual platform game...

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#1 Project of August

The goal of this project is to teach basic problem solving concepts to young children, while introducing them to some basic programming syntax. It is a platform game like many others - but with a twist. You must run and jump across the map in order to collect the coins and clear the levels; but instead of moving your player using keystrokes, you enter commands into a terminal and watch as he carries them out one at a time. A lot of thought was put into the sort of learning environment we wanted to create. We deliberately did not include time limits, health bars or a finite number of lives. The point of this game is to fail. You are not supposed to instinctively know the right sequence of commands to pass a level - like every budding software engineer you must start small, try a few things out, figure out what works and continuously iterate until you reach a full working solution. We opted to write this app using full stack JavaScript in a React framework, this helped simplify some of the complexities of creating a multilevel game. Being a highly popular web framework, we also used this project as a way to gain more experience with it. Personally, I believe the biggest challenge we faced was the need for smooth player animations and accurate collision detection. Being new to game development, and with a project timeline of just 9 days, we opted to build our own 2d physics engine from the ground up. This took a lot of research and planning, but allowed us to test drive much of the development and easily make changes to the code when needed. This app was part of my final project at Makers Academy. I was fortunate enough to be working with a fantastic team: Anthony Donovan: Benedetta Arinci: Chris Cooney: Emanuele Pace:

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