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DN Connect

Connecting female digital nomads around the world

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#1 Project of the Week

I created an app to connect female digital nomads around the world to a sisterhood of like-minded people. Creating meaningful connections that travel with you to every new destination in their journey. I created the idea, did the research, surveys and interviews. Crafted the sketches, prototype and Visual design. Conducted user testing and improved the UI to match the results. When presented with the problem of creating an app for women my mind went to many places, but one close to my heart was loneliness in a new city. I started investigating about digital nomads and their lifestyle, their feelings and choices. I wanted to put my self in their shoes. My hypothesis was that loneliness was a big issue to solve and wanted my app to solve that, inviting women to connect in public spaces to work together. GOAL: connect women who work from their laptop to an online community to stay supported and motivated. This project was really exciting for me, I worked on the whole process, from ideation to UI design and testing for the first time in my life. I started with an idea of an App to connect women in the same cities to work together and gain back the contact you get from coworkers when working at an office. However, results from survey and interviews changed that initial idea to a remote approach, to create a community that would travel with these women, making the starting over process a bit less stressful, since their friends and "coworkers" will still be there for them.

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