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#1 Project of the Week

A Ruby on Rails application based on grouping expenses by goal for you and family/friends. As a guest user: You can create account/log in. As an authenticated user: You log in to the app, only by typing an email and password. You are presented with a profile page that includes links to: - All your expenses - External expenses - All groups - Friends Expenses When you open "All my expenses" page: - Total amount is displayed at the top. - A list of all expenses you have created. - An action button that allow you to create a new expense. When you open "External Expenses" page: - A list of all expenses you created are shown, but not assigned to any group. When you open "All groups" page: - A list of all groups is displayed. - An action button "Create new" is displayed. When you open the "Group transactions" page: - A list of all transactions that belong to that group is displayed. When user opens "Create new group" or "Create new expense" page: - A form with all necessary fields is displayed to create entry

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