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Find a Trail

Find a running or walking trail in a major city.

I created an SPA that will help people find recreational trails, parks and parks. If a person is visiting a major city, he or she will use this Web Application to help them. The homepage features a navigation menu with a picture of people trail running found from The navigation menu choices are: Home, St. Louis, MO, Austin, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, Contact, and Search other Cities. Each of these pages are written using HTML framework. The Home menu choice links to the homepage described previously. The St. Louis, MO, Austin, TX, and Pittsburgh, PA menu choices all link to a separate piece of state. These pages have pictures of the particular city, found from, that assure the user they are accessing the appropriate website. Under the picture is a paragraph element asking which distance trail the user would like to find. Clicking on the particular distance will then link to an outside page. This page, found on, gives all of the necessary information about the trail. The Contact page is another menu page that was set up. To complete this I created an HTML framework. In it there is an image, paragraph, and button element. The button element is set up so that a user is able to directly send an email to me to offer comments about the page. The final navigation menu choice, Search other Cities, also links to a piece of state. This page that the user views has another running trail picture, found at, and a list of major cities. This page was created using API calls. Clicking one of the listed cities accesses an event listener in JavaScript. The function accesses the API and returns a list of several trails within a fixed distance of that particular city. After this API call, the user is directed to a piece of state, namely for that particular city. A photo is displayed from, under which a user is able to see the names of several trails. This page therefore serves as a place for users to gather information. He or she will then be able to do more research outside of this Single Page Application.

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