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Food Tracker App

You can control the total amount of food you consumed daily.

#8 Project of the Week

In this project I: - Used Ruby on Rails to implement a Food Tracker app; - Used HTML and SCSS to create the views; - Used Capybara and Shoulda Matchers gems to run RSpec tests; - Used gravatar image tag gem to import signed up users' profile pictures; - Set up Rubocop in the repository; - Used MVP architectural pattern; - Configured RESTFUL routes; - Used controllers to intercept user requests; - Used assets pipeline; - Connected Database to app; - Used Active Record as ORM; - Used Active Record associations to model real life system (based on Database schema); - Used Active Record queries to translate app requirements to SQL queries; - Used ActiveRecord validations; - Passed user input from view through controller to model in a safe way; - Avoided n+1 queries problems; - Deployed the app to Heroku; - Translated business requirements into software solutions; - Multitasked and effectively manage time and prioritization; - Used strong English verbal communication; - Used strong English written communication; - Communicated information effectively to technical people. # What it does - When the App is executed, you can create a new user by providing some personal information as: Name, e-mail, age, height, weight and activity level; - Based on this info, the app calculates the amount of kilocalories you should eat per day ([references](; - When logged in, the user can create groups of foods for control; - The list of all created groups can be found by clicking on "All Groups" in the main menu; - The main function of the app is to allow users to insert which food and the amount of they are eating throughout the day and tell them how many calories they still need to consume for that day OR how many calories did they eat more than recommended.


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