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Game Design using Phaser 3

An adventure game with four levels using phaser 3 library

#3 Project of the Week

It's been one long straight week of coding - Learning and building a game with JavaScript and Phaser 3 library. My JavaScript Capstone Project at Microverse. I utilize the Phaser 3 library to build an adventure game with four levels comprising of snowman enemy and bomb at level 4 only. The player acquires points by collecting star coins. I used local storage to persist player scores as he/she transitions to the next level/scene of the game. I also used the Leaderboard API to post the player's score, displaying the top 10 players on the leaderboard scene. The player can move the player using left or right arrow keys to move the player to left or right respectively. You can use the spacebar or up arrow key for jumping. Have fun playing and let me know your thoughts.

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