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Graze Tel Aviv

Responsive Web Design and Branding for a Charcuterie Vendor

1 year ago
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#3 Project of the Week

Graze TLV makes curated grazing tables using the finest of products from local farmers, artisans and gourmet suppliers. They aim to provide their customers with show-stopping products that are just as much a piece of art as it is delicious. With the ever-changing times in this COVID-19 time period, they are seeking to widen their available products. For example, they recently came out with graze boards, which are made to deliver and are perfect for small events, birthdays, date-night with a loved one, or a pampering pick-me-up. Graze is a fairly new business and has been reaching clients via word of mouth and social media, and wishes to have a responsive website that displays their brand, as well as allows potential and returning customers to order directly online.

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