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Groupomania Social Network Application

Deliver Minimum Viable Product for Internal Social Network

7 months ago Developer: Dario Nicosia, Country: Portugal Product Manager: Abhik Roy Project Description: You were recently hired by Groupomania, a multinational retail company. You’ve been brought on to build an internal social network for Groupomania's employees. The goal of this tool is to promote friendly interactions and a family-like atmosphere within the company. Groupomania's HR department imagined an internal social network to promote exchanges between colleagues but otherwise allows for a lot of flexibility regarding the features of the network. The head of the HR department, Stephanie, describes the features they want and you realize they are replicas of products that already exist: 9GAG - management wants employees to share and comment using GIFs with other colleagues. Reddit - management wants employees to write and/or share articles with colleagues on topics that interest them. Stephanie gives you user requirement specifications that detail the minimum requirements that the HR department expects for each feature. She has also agreed to have fellow employees test a minimal version with one of the two main features. A team has been set up just to focus on this project.

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