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Kritter Social App

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Kritter is the minimum viable product for a social application for our capstone project in the Kenzie Academy front end developer course, in which we built a social application from scratch using JavaScript's React framework. We decided on using the Material-UI framework for the appearance of our application. I held the position of scrum master in this project. I created the repo and the create-react-app scaffold for the project. I also performed code review and made sure a QA check was performed before merging code. I also set up all of the API calls for the features we planned to implement. One of the features I did was allowing the user to sign up, creating a account, or log in using a created account. Once the account was created or the the user logged in, the page would automatically redirect the user to the profile page using React's routing. On the profile page, I built the user info section and created the blueprint for a future feature: the "suggested users" section. With another team member getting the comments section working with viewing the comments of other users, I used the usernames to create a link that routed to those users' profiles. Lastly, I built the feature of being able to update the user's info, such as their display name and the status message. Once the user enters a password, the change would show immediately on the page. A link to the source code can be found on the GitHub repo linked here:

Project screenshot 1
Project screenshot 2
Project screenshot 3
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