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Links - A bookmarking app

A web based bookmarking app using the Django framework

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An app which allows users to save the URL's of any website for easy reference. Built using the Django framework and hosted on Heroku, users can add, edit, delete, and organise their bookmark collection using a simple and intuitive UI. The app has built in scraping to automatically pull site metadata and icons which makes getting detailed information for the URL as simple as clicking one button. I haven't had much feedback other than from my assessment so would be great to hear what other people think! There is also a dedicated Chrome Browser extension that makes adding bookmarks even easier >> GitHub Repo >> Also, the app is fully functional - I use it to store and manage my own bookmarks daily. If you want to use the 'Premium' features, just use Stripe's VISA test card (4242 x4) along with any future date and your choice of CVV.

Video demo
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