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Motorista Web Magazine

Online web magazine for the petrolheads!

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Motorista is an online magazine for the petrolheads, designed to host articles from all around the automotive and motorcycle world. The categories currently implemented are Cars, Motorcycles, Off-Road, and Racing. The features of this website are user creation/log-in, user profile with the most voted article featured at the top, and a list of the latest articles written by the author. For the articles section, we have the creation of new articles, a show page for each one of them featuring the article picture, title, and content. The home page is a webpage that displays the featured article at the top (Most voted) and a list of categories featuring the most recent article added to that section as cover. Signed-in users can upvote their favorite article to see it featured on the home page. The website is fully responsive, with an interactive sliding menu bar. The last feature I will mention here is the search option. You can search for a word or phrase and the related articles will be displayed. For a full experience on the web app, please make sure to visit the website! You can watch the video presentation on.

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