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Oja Express e-commerce grocery website.

Oja Express: Grocery shopping made easier!

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3 months ago
#9 Project of the Week

For Oja Express, I collaborated in a team of 4 designers with my role consisting of UX research and UX design. Oja Express is a same-day delivery grocery startup based in Chicago, Illinois, focused on the cuisines of African/Caribean/Latin America and South Asia. The challenge was to simplify the information architecture for the current website, while also helping to bring traffic from an established mobile application and help lessen cart drop-off at checkout. To better understand the client business model, I conducted competitive research and helped conduct user interviews to gather insights from Oja Express's customer base. From the data that we collected as a team, we found that the respondents were biased towards the client. Therefore, guerilla testing on the current mobile website was required. After the results, we confirmed that there indeed was a problem with the information architecture as users had trouble navigating through the site. The data also showed that the checkout process was time-consuming for users, and through market research this validated our initial assumptions. In the next phase of the process, I illustrated a user flow through a storyboard and sketched screens for a mobile-first design concept. From there, I worked on paper wireframes, and finally on the mid-fidelity wireframes for a mobile-first website prototype.

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