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Old But Green!

Full Stack Frameworks Django eCommerce with Blog and News

#6 Project of the Week

User stories: I want to find out web page with electric vintage chooper and bicycle I want to buy vintage electric chooper or bicycle, but from website which has transparent communication in the form of a Blog I want to see on the page not only products with prices, I want to see live Blog with customers Posts and possibility to make my own Posts, I want to see how many likes has a specific Post, and I want too see Posts only from registered visitors or customers with date of Post made I want to edit or delete only my Post or like someone else’s post I want to find on page latest News from site owner about upcoming vehicles and promotions --- Owner site goal: Build a webshop that sells vintage electric choppers and bicycles Earn money on each product purchased from page Create a web application that allows users to have live Blog and live News about upcoming vehicles and promotions As the owner of the site I want to be able to upload images and news with the date of publication Create a transparent webshop where customers come first, where website visitors can read experiences, questions and reviews from customers and potential customers in a transparent way in Blog section I want to track Blog visitors (potentional new customers), use it as a sales improvement

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