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Read, Write, Love.

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#1 Project of the Week

Whether you're here to read, write, or admire poetry, Pencrumbs is the place for you. With a constantly expanding library of poems past and present, there is something for everyone's inner poet to love! Writers can also harness the power of words through built-in suggestive and poetic structure tools to realize future masterpieces. Pencrumbs is my capstone UX Design Project for the Bloc program. Literature (specifically poetry) is a personal hobby of mine, so I wanted to explore the feasibility of creating a service that caters to this particular interest of mine that others would enjoy and benefit from. I surveyed and interviewed users about their experiences with digital literary services and discovered there was a desire for more poetry to be present in their lives. From there, I applied color and typography principles to my wireframes, tested and retested, and applied feedback that resulted in Pencrumbs being the intuitive and enjoyable experience that it now is, on both desktop and mobile. Enjoy!

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