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Regression Analysis on Life Expectancy

Models used: Linear, Ridge, LASSO, Polynomial Regression

Badge image#8 Project of April

In this project, I would like to predict the life expectancy of people in a country, and looked for data on the following aspects (features): · Birth Rate · Cancer Rate · Dengue Cases · Environmental Performance Index (EPI) · Gross Domestic Product (GDP) · Health Expenditure · Heart Disease Rate · Population · Area · Population Density · Stroke Rate I will use these data related to life expectancy to evaluate the following models: Linear, Ridge, LASSO, and Polynomial Regression. Here are some interesting insights: 1. Japan has the highest life expectancy (83.7 years). Central African Republic (49.5 years) and many countries in the African continent are at the bottom of scale. Singapore is ranked #5 (82.7 years). 2. Take good care of the environment. It has the largest coefficient (impact) on the country’s life expectancy. More details on this project: Medium: Coil: Github:

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