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TECUIDO - care of family member

App for the care of a sick family member

Final project for the UX/UI bootcamp at Upgrade Hub. The app is for the care of a sick family member, so caregivers can organize their tasks and responsibilities. The app show which are the duties of each member and which tasks each person did, while at the same time you can control which tasks were not done and who did not do them. Many times the distribution of tasks among members is not fair and it often happens that one person ends up doing most of the work. The app would be divided into: 1 - The home page would show in a clear and simple way which are the tasks to be done, a control over the medicines or which are the tasks to be completed for that week 2 - Calendar and assignment of tasks: A good organization and being able to anticipate the facts is necessary to have control over the session and thus be able to be calm. A tool that lists obligations and who is responsible will allow for a clearer picture and avoid misunderstandings among the people in charge of the care of the sick patient 3 - Uploading a task: When you upload a task to the calendar, in addition to adding its description, it will indicate who is responsible for that task and indicate the status of that task, if it is being done, if it is already completed or if it is unassigned 4 - List of medicines: Through a list completed by the user, it will show which medicines should be taken by the patient, how often they should be used and it will also show which is the stock of those medicines 5 - All the documentation in one place: All the necessary documents and papers can be managed from the app. The files can be saved from the cell phone or taken with the camera 6 - Writing your story - Caring for a sick relative is an emotional thing and every moment becomes special, every moment can be a precious memory. The app allows you to save all those memories, all the photos, audios from WhatsApp, etc, all in one place. Creating a feed like the instagram but private and person, divided by days, weeks, month or years. Keep in mind that many times the photos or audios of WhatsApp for example, sometimes end up being lost. The story is that you can tell that story, ensuring that nothing is lost and that story would be private, unlike a social network

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