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TinyTales Design Sprint

My edits to an app for parents to reading to their children

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#5 Project of April

The basic outline of this design Sprint was to solve the big problem concerning an app. I focused solely on the design portion of the app utilizing the persona Claire who has three children (Kayla, James, and Chloe) who wants to use reading as not only a confidence builder but a way to spend extra time with all her kids at the same time. The issues with the app originally were all of the titles were given to the user at one time, there was no knowledge of how long the story would be, and no excerpt giving a summary of what the story was about to give the family an idea of whether the children would like what was being read. I decided that a filtering system was needed to give the parents an opportunity to filter what their preferences were for stories and what the children's interests were as well to establish a team dynamic for both the parent and child. While also advocating for the parent and showcasing their involvement in their story time.

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