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Tree Map Diagram

Tree Map Diagram using JSON Data (e.g. Movie Sales)

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9 days ago
#6 Project of the Week

The aim of this project is to visualize data with a treemap diagram using JSON Data. This project uses JSON Data for movie sales. The JSON Data is at Fields - Name, Category and Value. Category consists of Action, Drama, Adventure, Family, Action, Comedy and Biography. If category is Action, set the color to orange. If category is Drama, set the color to yellow. If category is Adventure, set the color to lightblue. If category is Family, set the color to lightgreen. If category is Animation, set the color to lawngreen. If category is Comedy, set the color to darkseagreen. If category is Biography, set the color to pink. When mousing over the area, the fill color changes to lavender and the tooltip is displayed. The tooltip gives information about the value and name of the movie. For example, $ 380,838,870 (Value) and Finding Nemo (Name).

Project screenshot 1
Project screenshot 2
Project screenshot 3
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