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Find details and locations of artworks by snapping a picture

Unfortunately this project was written years ago and I was unable to resuscitate it :( This is what we did: Utilized Google Vision API to obtain the name of famous artworks from photos taken by cell phone camera. Obtained artwork details (artist, medium, description, year, museum, etc.) from MediaWiki API based on Google Vision's output. Converted the museum returned from MediaWiki to latitude and longitude coordinates using Google Geolocation API. Displayed the museums' locations on a React Native Map with the artwork title. Displayed artworks with modals for their details on a gallery screen unique to each user Handled login by custom code and by Facebook Oauth 2.0 and Twitter OAuth. Persisted all user and artwork information on a MongoDB database. Accommodated user information such as name, email, profile, and score (being the number of artworks photographed and processed) on a profile page unique to each user.


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