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How can I teach myself to code?

Hello, I'm Craig Wadding a Career Karma Coach.  I'm currently attending Flatiron School online Software Engineering.  I've been on the CK app since the beginning and I interviewed with 4 different...

Navigating CK


Just wanted to provide some tips that may help you with what to do on CK.
NOTE: I'm using the iOS version of the CK app.
Attend Live Audio Sessions - There's a wealth of great information...

Mark Your Calendars for April 2nd

@Iyana Admasu from Kenzie Academy will be speaking to the Career Karma community! Hearing a graduate student's perspective can help you navigate and possibly accelerate your own journey to a new...

UX/UI Design | Thinkful | Aaron Pinedo (Week One)

(UPDATE: My test results have come back negative for COVID. Super happy!)

The big question, how was week one at Thinkful?
Short answer, it was great! But you guys deserve the long answer and the...

How did Perpetual Education develop their curriculum?

The secret is out! First off, I (@sheriffderek) went to a bunch of interesting schools. Then from 2010 to now I read hundreds of books, built hundreds of websites, worked in a lot of different...

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