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5th Week @ Kenzie Complete(Fell Forward for the...

Alright folks: Another Update for you on my journey thus far!

So I will be completely honest. I fell. I fell forward. 

This week Monday we didn't have school and it sent a ripple in my plans, a...

I have a question/concern about bootcamps

I am currently enrolled in a bootcamp.  I Before I enrolled I did my research and asked several questions about it being geared toward absolute beginners.  I was assured that it was.  I have been...


Hello Fellow Members,
I would appreciate it if you could take about 5-7 minutes out of your day to take a tree test. This will help my team out with finding out the needs and goals behind our app....

Issues with online Bootcamps ?

Hi, I am recently enrolled in a bootcamp class that was attended online. 
I started to have  issues about "when I have a question to ask an instructor"
 they have a forum to post an issue but It took...

7 months ago
in Nucamp


I chose Nucamp because of reviews from previous students, the price of the their courses, and the hands on with incredible instructors. 
The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional. They...

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