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Hey there! How are you? 🤗 Nice to see you here.

I'm Zia and I'm your CK Community Moderator.
 I've been working for Career Karma for a while now and I think it's time to cater to everyone's needs through the app and on the Career Karma Website...

To tweet or not to tweet?

Good morning All,
I have been learning to code on my own now for about two months. I have been enjoying using the free boot camp preps and finding cool resources on Instagram and Facebook. However, I...

FAQ: Is It Hard Getting Into A Bootcamp?

Hey there Fam! 👋 I'm Val one of CK's Community Moderators. I just wanted to share something with you, especially those who are starting their journey to get into a bootcamp, with or without...

JavaScript resource for Beginners

I was learning some basic concept in JavaScript and I came across this repo. It has a lot of information and code snippets that will help with your coding journey in JavaScript. Link is provided...

What is Python Used For?

For those who are interested to learn Python, here's what you need to know!

Career Karma has explained in this article the uses of Python in Programming to give you a better idea of why it's...

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