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Need custom graphic work for your project?

I’m a graphic artist looking to work with up and coming developers on their projects! I’m really just looking on getting some new real-world work for my portfolio, so I’m offering this at no cost....


Hello Fellow Career Karma Members ,

Today we have a card sorting test that would be greatly appreciated if you could complete it. We are close to the ending point of our client project and this...

Beware of Bootcamps (and subpar design schools)

Hey folks! It's been quite a long while since I was active here. So Sorry!! I want to be more active moving forward. I just wanted to warn potential designers about the perils of enrolling in Design...

What schools teach visual design and software development together?

Perpetual Education does. After 10 years workging in this industry - combined with a background in fine art and crital thinking... it's clear the "creatives" and "coders" have split into to...

Officially introducing "Design for The Web" to...

Perpetual Education's new curriculum, "Design for The Web" - is officially public!
You can learn all about it on the website: or

"The only...

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