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6 months ago
in Nucamp


I chose Nucamp because of reviews from previous students, the price of the their courses, and the hands on with incredible instructors. 
The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional. They...

Turned in my final project for the HTML/CSS/JS...

I feel so fantastic!  This is amazing. I really *get* it. The document object model, events and clicks!  Initially, the price and asynchronous self-paced lectures were the two main...


Does anyone know any remote frontend or full-stack developer internships I can sign up for?

How Covid-19 impacted my life

For 5 years I was satisfied with being a Bartender until Covid-19 hit last year and we were forced to be on unemployment. This event started the roller coaster or emotions I had to go through for...

Looking for complete web development course bootcamps

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