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Creating A Non-Profit Digital Platform For...

I have a vision to create a non-profit digital platform for physical donations. So far, I have a simple website I made on GoDaddy just to outline the vision. You can check it out at...

Bootcamp Decision/Feedback

Hi, I am between evaluating between Thinkful, Coding Dojo, and Bottega Tech. I would appreciate any insight from those that are currently enrolled or alumni from these bootcamps to help me narrow...

Completed Coding Foundations

Hello guys,

I've already completed the prep course and my FT Fullstack w/ JS & Python class will start on Monday. Wish me luck! 😁

A fresh graduate, looking to kick-start his...

Hi everyone, my name is Taofeek from Nigeria. I concluded my first degree in Computer Science just before the pandemic. Due to the unemployment rate in my country, I've always had it in mind to...

Apply for the Job!!

The job description is a lie!
You found a job opening that look like it would fit your goals. You saw the label of "Entry-level" on LinkedIn. You read the opening 2 paragraphs stating the companie's...

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