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The New Adventure of Sebastien Jean-Pierre!!


My name is Sebastien Jean-Pierre. I've been trying to learn to code and create my own App for sometimes now but never knew where to start. I was watching YouTube through ADS I found out the...

My Answer to: "How Do I Prioritize Pursing Riches...

Imagine you and a friend are shooting down roaring rapids. You've been out all day having fun fighting the rushing water. Suddenly, up ahead you see a waterfall. As you and your friend look out and...

Do You Know Where The Money Resides?

"The self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment. It defines what you can and cannot do. Expand the self-image and you expand the area of possible."  - Maxwell Maltz, Author of...


Alrighty bois and gals,

Yesterday the community was able to hit a record amount of posts on CK!

You, the community, has done an amazing job at working to make CK what it is today! Thank you all for...

EVENT | How to prepare a Resume/CV in IT field?

How to prepare a Resume/CV in IT field?
|| Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM (EDT) ||

Become an expert in writing a resume.

1- What is the importance of an effective resume in job search?
2- What should...

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