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Raheeem.org is Hiring

Raheem.org is hiring for a Data & Policy Director. Data Scientists are definitely encouraged to apply:


Anyone is looking for a full-stack SDE job?

Hello everyone! I'm just curious if anyone's interested in applying to our startup. The team is based in Boston, and we have an opening for a SDE. Check out the job here!...

Tenacity To Close- Communication Options

I still plan to post frequently next month and build a group of people who want to practice interview skills for tech sales, as well as pitches to clients/businesses. Even if you don't plan on...

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Steve Newman
1 month ago
in Job Search

Looking for mentors, cofounders, and team members!

My concept is turning employees into recruiters using AI and automation. This unique concept leverages the benefits of internal referrals and employees motivated by large commissions.

Lobsters mate...

Breaking Into Tech

Hello everyone,

I started my 21 Day Career Karma challenge back around October of 2019. Back then my only goal was getting through the challenge. Making good habits is no easy feat. This was...

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