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DIY Bootcamp Opportunities

What do you do when your interest is in data science but you don't currently qualify for any bootcamps and the pre-bootcamps are mainly focused on web design and/or full stack development? You make...

Freecodecamp Updates

I got an email this morning from Freecodecamp has added some extra courses & interesting...

Free Data Analytics Training from Harvard and MIT...

TLDR: If you come from an underrepresented community and want free access to world-class data analytics training, then check this out! ->

Data literacy is an essential skill...

Made my decision!!!

After looking at so many boot camps I’ve narrowed it down to one and have chosen to attend Thinkful boot camp. I’m excited to get started and be the best data scientist I can be. 

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Haja C
1 year ago
in Ask a Coach

What are some study resources for Data Science...

I’m a Software Engineering Student and a Career Karma Coach.  There are many free and paid resources available on the web for those wanting to study software engineering but it seems not so easy for...

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