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Unconventional Roadmap

Since my career goals go beyond web programming, I decided to design my own self-taught, self-paced curriculum. I based my learning on two possible career paths:

1. Working with music technology...

Taste of Django- Recording available now of free...

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share a link to the free workshop we held last Sunday, "Taste of Django" at Nestria-
Directly to the...

What type of machine are you using? Pc or Mac?

2017 13in Mac Book Pro 8/256 Both mac and pc will have their own challanges, but as long as you can use google either will work.

Learn To Code For Free

For those who are not aware, there are free online resources for learning if you prefer a no-cost, self-taught approach to your learning - one that I've really been getting into is Free Code...

What type of machine are you using? Pc or Mac?

Desktop PC

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