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Creating A Non-Profit Digital Platform For...

I have a vision to create a non-profit digital platform for physical donations. So far, I have a simple website I made on GoDaddy just to outline the vision. You can check it out at...

Redo week 5

Good morning everybody 
I have to redo my react week 5 assignment because my react website didn’t appear on browser. Yesterday after my react instructor helped me with the react issue we spend almost...

Making wireframes for last coding bootcamp project

Well, I can’t believe it, 3 months ago I was completely clueless, now I’m still clueless but I can make full stack applications with mern/ react + rails + PostgreSQL

I thought I was not gonna make...

Awesome source for projects - with designs

Hey guys! We just launched Sprintt - a place where bootcamp grads can find projects for their portfolio that stand out. These projects include:
User stories
Tasks and come with 
Professional designs...

Should I learn Angular or React?

The ReactJS framework has received a huge amount of interest in developers from the starting of the 2019 till now. It is a very common question that arises in the minds of JavaScript developers to...

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