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Interactive Prototype...

Kenzie Academy Announcing Part-Time UX Design...

Kenzie Academy is SO excited to announce the launch of a part-time, 6 month UX program starting October 26/27th! 

Hours include:
Block 1: Monday/Wednesday 6-10pm EST
Block 2: Tuesday/Thursday...

Ways To Develop Effective Work Relationships

Having healthy and respectful working relationships is vital in growing your career, keeping steady connections, and making the everyday hustle a little more enjoyable. But sometimes, we just don’t...

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Bobby Johnson
23 days ago
in Beginners

Day 4 Skills challenge!!

Prompt was “Design a 404 page for a violin brand” 

Any musician knows a broken string is the worst! So is a 404 page. Hoped to bring a bit of musician’s humor to the copy. 

Feedback appreciated!!!

Kick off the weekend right! UI Developer at...

@Iyana Admasu is making time to speak with all of you tonight at 5pm Eastern time! 
She graduated from Kenzie Academy and landed a job in February. She's said about getting into tech, "It’s tough and...

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