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Hello Fellow Career Karma Members ,

Today we have a card sorting test that would be greatly appreciated if you could complete it. We are close to the ending point of our client project and this...

What's the Difference between UX/ Ix design and Frontend Development ?

How do you see the difference between them? UX - How you experience the site. Is it intuitive, easy to navigate, can you solve what you came to the site for? UI - How you view it. Not just colors and...

Anyone looking to add some experience to their...

Hey everyone, I've got a handful of projects with associated domains and server space that I've been sitting on for a few years since I have not had the time to develop.

If anyone would like to get...

10 Years Ago, Now, 10 Years Later

Hello everyone! Names David and 10 years ago, I was working in a door to door sales gig selling knives. lol. Taught me the importance of sales and the power of teamwork. Unfortanatly, I was still...

Mark Your Calendars for April 2nd

@Iyana Admasu from Kenzie Academy will be speaking to the Career Karma community! Hearing a graduate student's perspective can help you navigate and possibly accelerate your own journey to a new...

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