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Anyone have any advice for UX/UI how to learn it...

I have had to overcome some major hurdles pre-covid and my schedule still is pretty packed. I recentlty found out about UI/UX after wondering which tech jobs are friendly for non-coders. Given my...

Free Webinar

Aloha designers! I have been searching for virtual conferences on UX/UI Design and I found this one. It's a free event hosted by UX Academy on the Subject of Product Design. Hope to see you...

Kick off the weekend right! UI Developer at...

@Iyana Admasu is making time to speak with all of you tonight at 5pm Eastern time! 
She graduated from Kenzie Academy and landed a job in February. She's said about getting into tech, "It’s tough and...

October Events with Kenzie Academy!

Future Thought Leader in Tech?

The Kenzie team is taking various deep dives into UX Design topics that are coming from thought leaders in tech!

UX Design Critique of YouTube

What are your 2021 goals?

Folks who write down their goals are 42% more likely to accomplish those goals.
If we had people who knew our goals to hold us accountable, I bet that % could go even higher! 

If your goals involve...

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