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It Happened!!!

Its offical, I start Springboard's UX/UI Design Career Track program this June 7. I completed my enrollment today!!! 
#career #design #training #uiuxdesign 
I'm super excited!!

Beware of Bootcamps (and subpar design schools)

Hey folks! It's been quite a long while since I was active here. So Sorry!! I want to be more active moving forward. I just wanted to warn potential designers about the perils of enrolling in Design...

So excited!!!

Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to share that in the past few days, I've got accepted into Springboard's (UX/UI) and  Helio's (FullStack Software Engineering) programs!! Yesterday, I had an interview...

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Haja C
1 year ago
in Ask a Coach

What are some study resources for UI/UX design...

User Interface and User Experience Design are hot career paths with anticipated high demand.  Some members have requested online resources to begin looking into these exciting fields.  If you are...

Free Design Class!

Hey everyone! I came across this free design class from a master designer named, Micka Touillaud on LinkedIn. He is offering it free on December 15th, but I don't know how long it will stay free. I...

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