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Anyone have any advice for UX/UI how to learn it...

I have had to overcome some major hurdles pre-covid and my schedule still is pretty packed. I recentlty found out about UI/UX after wondering which tech jobs are friendly for non-coders. Given my...

Need-to-Know Basis

My biggest problem in choosing a learning path - and career path - is focus.

I have a need to know about ALL THE THINGS. I can't just be a UI/UX Designer. I have to be able to build and troubleshoot...

TONIGHT! Hear from Kenzie Academy Alums. 7pm EST.

Alumni Panel Tonight with Kenzie Academy!

Kenzie Academy Announcing Part-Time UX Design...

Kenzie Academy is SO excited to announce the launch of a part-time, 6 month UX program starting October 26/27th! 

Hours include:
Block 1: Monday/Wednesday 6-10pm EST
Block 2: Tuesday/Thursday...

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Bobby Johnson
22 days ago
in Beginners

Day 6 design skills challenge

Unfortunately, I broke my consecutive day challenge due to work and a bit more research time needed for this. 

The prompt: Design a mobile nav bar for a wildlife preserve. 

I did some learning...

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