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Career KARMA

I love that feeling of connecting with others on here especially those that are just starting out or even starting over . 

I’ve not yet been employed but if all goes as planned I’ll be endorsed...

learning Cloud computing taught by Google

I finished a certification of storing, managing and processing data through remote servers. During this time I have looked for learning even remotely, thank you to the teachers and the C K community....

Hey ! How’s everyone’s experience so far ??!!

What are you working on ?

What Squad(s) have you connected w ?

Any coding experience before finding Career Karma ?


As an aspiring socialpreneur, I'm so inspired by  Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan's example of Tech Innovation.  According to Wikipedia, their 5-year old Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, ...

Thinkful vs springboard

Hi ! Last stage of the process for data analytics bootcamp. So springboards curriculum is not made by springboard but taken from coursera, khan academy, even online video of Harvard n etc . They use...

Springboard-ing into 2021!

Over the last couple days I applied, had an immediate phone interview, got accepted, and enrolled into the UX/UI Design Career Track at Springboard! 

On April 27th, I'll begin my courses! I'm so...

Accepted to all!

Now just to choose. Kenzie / Springboard / Thinkful?

I got accepted into Springboard UI/UX Design...

I got accepted into the bootcamp with Springboard and would like to do income sharing to pay for it. But the problem is I can't afford the $700 deposit. Is there anyway I can get help to pay for this...

6month graduation Success!!!

I Did it! The first stretch! 
Front End Web Certification!!
Guys I am so happy with this accomplishment. On October 23rd, 2020 I finally got my Front End web certificate. Guys I just want to tell...

Knowing Myself

Some of you know about my dissapointment with the school I thought I was going to attend. Last night I took the opportunity to go through this site.I found two other schools who fit. I found Claim...

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