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Hello before Bay summer weather

Hi everyone!
I've been using this app awhile, appreciate the support and advice from the tech community, especially people who understand some of the challenges of breaking into tech. I'm currently...


I'm here, I'm here, Get used to it!!

Any other stay-at-home Mums?

Hey everyone!
I just discovered career karma last week. I've been at home with kiddos for that last few years and I'm hoping to get back to work in the next couple of years, but I don't really know...

Reskill America

I was brought to Career Karma for furthering my career development to become a web developer, engineer, programmer. I'm looking for bootcamps, internships, entry level on the job training, and...

Long Time No See or Post 🤔

I wanted to take a few minutes to share my experiences going back to school as a 58 year old grandmother.

My first bit of advice...

Do any and all the free work you can find!!!!
Do not rush into...

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