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Bring your people to the future with you
Every company is a tech company

Bring your people to the future with you

We work with forward-thinking employers that want to attract, retain, and promote their employees by connecting them to vetted education programs they can trust. Join visionary business leaders that understand that investing in technology is no longer optional due to the advent of automation and the 4th industrial revolution.
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Companies need benefits that will convince workers
to come to work and stay and one of the best enticements might be:
come here and get trained for an even better, higher paying job.
Jon Fortt, CNBC

Why Career Karma

Your employees already use Career Karma to get the skills they need to take advantage of opportunities at your company (e.g. we're the top search result for "how to get a job at" and "how to get promoted at" for many companies).

As the #1 destination for career advice on the internet, Career Karma has the experience and expertise to help you do more with your education program to solve for your most pressing business needs.

Why Career Karma

Our Investors

Career Karma investors

Our Approach

Career Karma uses technology and expertise to help you easily manage your education programs end-to-end. We meet your employees where they are by giving them a tech-enabled experience that provides unparalleled control and visibility into their career path.

Anticipate workers needs

Anticipate workers needs

Anticipate the needs of your workers by listening to their challenges and proactively providing the education they need to align with your business strategy and stay competitive

Demonstrate clear results

Demonstrate clear results

Demonstrate clear results (ROI) quickly to hiring managers and leadership that want to show care and commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity internally (success stories) and externally

Accelerate ramp time

Accelerate ramp time

Accelerate ramp time from new team members while increasing talent mobility and the utilization rate of training programs provided by your company in a way that leaves them feeling engaged, supported, and satisfied by the growth opportunities available

Reduce turnover

Reduce turnover

Reduce turnover by retaining star employees that increase revenue for your company while simultaneously reducing the cost of maintaining rapidly changing curriculums as you and other forward thinking employers embrace skills-first curriculums


We provide data transparency to track clear outcomes

Our comprehensive approach to tracking outcomes will ensure you will always have a pulse on your program

And deep dives to empower action

We will ensure you can track aggregate progress, as well as use the dashboard to help individual employee-learners along the way

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Career Karma's Story



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Exponential growth

Community grows to 150,000


Fund raise

Raises $40 million Series B



Launched partnerships with employers

Too often, CEOs and CFOs ask their learning and development (L&D) teams to demonstrate ROI after a training program is complete, without being clear about the return they want in the first place.
Harvard Business Review
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