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You’re an Ally! The two things that define you are your ability to work with others and your proclivity to take risks. At the moment, though, you find yourself with a lot of initiatives on your plate and a career switch is not something you’re looking to actively pursue.

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While the idea of having a career in tech is something that inspires you, you have trouble taking initiative toward your goals.

Allies are strong team members because you can be great at keeping ambitious people motivated due to your collaborative nature. As a natural risk-taker, you’re able to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for challenging problems, which makes you a critical asset to any project.

Your time commitments and busy schedule are usually related to tasks that aren’t focused on the yourself, and are often directed towards and involving others. That means it can be challenging for you to entangle yourself from your commitments so that you can pursue your career transition into tech.

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