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You’re a Builder! This means that your curiosity leads you to take on lots of projects all at once. Nevertheless, you know you need to pursue a career change and you realize that it will be the people such as your peers and coaches that will help you get there.

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You’ve got your eye on a job in tech, and understand the benefits of a career change. However, you’re still figuring out your options when it comes to making the transition. You’re not afraid of making the leap, but you are working out the logistics when it comes to figuring out how to land a job in the tech field doing what you love.

As a Builder, you thrive when you’re working independently, in flexible environments that allow you to take risks with what you do.

When you do make the leap, you’ll be able to dedicate lots of time into your transition. This will be key to allow yourself to truly become an adventurer of sorts: for you, there’s excitement in the newness of a career change, and figuring things out for yourself.

However, don’t discount the importance of relying on building a community around you and finding mentors. Even before you make your career leap, meeting people who are doing the jobs you may want to get into is extremely valuable — especially as you’ll be able to scope those jobs that suit someone as independently minded as you are.

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