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You’re a Guardian! You take calculated risks and when working with others you’re a born leader. You’re excited for a new change and have the time to undertake a new career.

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You’re ready to jump into a career in tech, and find the right work environment that supports your collaborative nature. You thrive in a team environment, so finding a job at a company, startup, or other venture that you believe in is key.

As excited as you are about your new career change, your decisiveness is only slowed down by the challenges and logistics that go into such a radical shift. Jumping into a career in tech can be scary, so you’ll need to surround yourself with a support system and make new connections with peers and mentors in order to bridge the gap.

Once you’re able to make the leap, however, you’ll thrive in an environment that allows you to learn from those around you. Meeting with people a few years ahead of you in your career will also help you find your niche and transition successfully.

Your collaborative nature and risk aversion are both your strengths and weaknesses. You’re very careful when it comes to making big decisions, and need a community around you to help make the leap. However, don’t be too careful, and make sure you’re backing up your carefully constructed plans with decisive action. Your dream job in tech is right around the corner, you just need to match your talent with courage!

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