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You’re a Maven! You like working on teams and you’re usually the first one to jump in to take a risk. When you are ready to pursue a career change you will make the time.

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You love collaborating with others, and get a thrill from projects that take you out of your comfort zone. However, your current lifestyle prevents you from making the leap and switching careers.

Even though you’re a risk-taker, you need to first clear the logistics that are holding you back from pursuing a career in tech, and share your plan with your friends and family. Your collaborative nature thrives on the support of others, so this part is key in order to successfully make the leap.

You spend a lot of time thinking about a new career in tech, and get excited when you share your ambitions with others. You have enough time outside of your current job to start making the transition, you just need the decisiveness and game plan to make your dreams a reality.

You know what the change in career path entails, and you have the time and willingness to take the risks to get there. Once you make the decision to pursue a career in tech, you’ll do whatever it takes to succeed, which will help you find the momentum to get to where you need to go.

Some of the things that could be holding you back is that you’re in school, don’t know how to get started or what career paths are available to you, or because you have obligations and responsibilities that are preventing you from making a career transition.

The fact that you do have lots of free time also means you can start laying the groundwork to start learning and studying so that you have the skills to pursue the career in tech that will change your life.

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