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You’re a Pioneer! You’re not afraid of change and do not shy away from taking risks. As a Pioneer you prefer to work independently. You have the freedom to explore new endeavors and are ready for new career that challenges you.

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You’re ready to take on any risk and set aside any amount of time in order to move mountains to get to your high-paying tech dream job. Your decisiveness and ability to jump in to this career transition will help you with that all-important momentum.

Transitioning into a new career takes time, but you knew that already. You’ve got time to invest in your future, and are intent on getting to where you need to go — no matter how long it takes. It is going to be helpful to be able to keep your eye on your goal and focus on doing what you need to do to become a software engineer.

Because Pioneers are lone wolves and risk-takers, your initial plan may involve forging ahead without building a support system or detailed plan first. Hold on to your energetic approach to this journey, but also spend some quiet time to think about your support systems and how you can build a peer group. If you hit a bump in your plan or need help, it’s important to have contingency plans, peers, or mentors to help guide you through any murky waters.

Your risk-taking and independence are both strengths and weaknesses for the Pioneer. Be sure your full-speed-ahead attitude is matched by building your support system and a long-term plan. Don’t let recklessness hold you back.

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