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You’re a Savant! You’re an independent doer who sees the value of having a plan before making a career switch. You realize you want to change your career soon and you’re working on making the time to make that a reality.

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You know this process is going to take time, and that’s not a problem for you. You’re a planner, and you’ve got this long-term goal thing on lock. You’re ready to kick back, brew some coffee, and make some java — script. :)

Because Savants have high levels of independence, you may not need to rely as heavily on your peers to help you through this journey. (You’ll probably have facts and figures at the ready for anyone who may question your change in career, too.)

However, don’t completely discount support systems: while you naturally know how to prepare for this journey and can plan for the road ahead, you may still encounter doubts about your decisions. Seeking out mentors or allies who are a few years ahead of you in their tech career can help your analytical mind put any doubts to rest.

Your perfectionism and risk aversion are both your strengths and weaknesses. You’re ready to do all the research necessary to kickstart your new career, but know that at some point you’ve just got to take the leap and step out onto the track and hit the ground running.

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