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You’re a Technician! As a Technician, you know you possess a lot of talents. You are an independent thinker and your curiosity at times leads you to take on more projects than you can handle. Your risk averse nature may provide a false sense of satisfaction with your current job even if you are really craving a change.

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As a Technician, you are fully capable of reaching your goals, but you may require an awareness of your internal and external barriers that are preventing you from progress.

As a highly independent thinker, it’s necessary for you to create time in your busy schedule to foster the plan to switch careers and the ways you can accomplish the goals you’re setting for yourself. With careful planning, you can break into exponential growth.

Your introversion can be both a strength and a weakness as a Technician. It can give you time to think, but also may hold you back from meaningful social interactions and meeting new people who can help you fill in any blind spots and motivate you to overcome some aspects of your risk aversion so you can land your dream career in tech.

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