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Alvaro Lamadrid

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15 days ago
in Portfolios

We are live in the Celo Helpi discord

Join our discord, we are talking about the use of react-admin (react framework for building dashboards), about state management with redux and maybe even robot fsm...

Community standup today at our discord.


Recently we created the Celo Helpi DeFi squad as a way to welcome everyone to our community. We are a decentralize application in the Celo Blockchain and are currently building our community....

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17 days ago
in Portfolios

Join us to build, deploy and interface with a...

Hello everyone , we recently launched our squad and will soon start a live session on our discord on how to build , deploy and interface with a Vault Smart Contract on Celo. Great opportunity for a...

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17 days ago
in Beginners

Squad open for crypto project

The following squad, which I'm one of the team members , is calling everyone who has an interest and passion for learning new technologies , specifically in the crypto space. I hope to see you...