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Daniel Michael

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Full-Stack Junior Developer. I’m a huge React.js and Rails enthusiast.

Attending a Bootcamp
New York City
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Got my first job!

Well, that was quick, I got a job as a front-end react.js developer a week and a half ago and it’s going really well, in this past week I have improved like crazy with React.js, what they teach in...

Job seeking, week 1.

So after graduating bootcamp and making a killer final project, I decided it’s time to work on a portfolio and start looking for jobs,
2 days ago I had my first interview with a dream company,...

Learning rails and react was the best thing that...

I made a full crud app on 9 tables with rails and react in a week for my final bootcamp project:

GitHub repo:

Making wireframes for last coding bootcamp project

Well, I can’t believe it, 3 months ago I was completely clueless, now I’m still clueless but I can make full stack applications with mern/ react + rails + PostgreSQL

I thought I was not gonna make...

Project 3 (week 9 of bootcamp), a collaborative...

 Project 3 is a group project and it was very helpful to go through something like that (communicating with UX Designers, working in a team of devs, adhering to Git-flow, etc)

Very proud of our team...