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Dereck Weaver II

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On my Journey To Become A Software Engineer Currently Attending Kenzie-Academy c/o 2021 Really looking to change my life for the better and truly inspire those around me as well.

Attending a Bootcamp
Battle Creek
Software Engineering Student at Kenzie Academy
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Need A New Laptop Stat!!

Laptop Keeps Crashing
So I am already apart of Reskill America ..and I am finished with My Journey next month. Unfortunately my Laptop is now crashing often and I am unable to continue coding and do...


When Should We Retire?
Have You Ever Given This Much Thought?
Question For You: What is the Avg Life Expectancy For Man?


Now look.. I'm not sure if that's screaming out at you and bells...

Cold Shoulder, Back Turned, What is What?

I felt Slighted, Ignored, Discombobulated..
Why Did I Feel This Way?
This was a Long time coming.

 I want to talk about how others can alter your way of thinking, actions, and even our belief...


We've All Put Things Off
Don't Let This Deter You From Success
The deadlines today, homeworks due, projects due, etc. 
We have all been there in a crunch for time because we didn't take initiative in...

Consider This Before Applying

Things To Consider When Applying  To Bootcamp
1. Am I going to Be Engaged?
At least that is my hope for you. I found that if you don't remain engaged and have a plan of action things may pile up...